/roʊl / (say rohl)

verb (i)
1. to move along a surface by turning over and over, as a ball or a wheel.
2. to move or be moved on wheels, as a vehicle or its occupants.
3. to move onwards or advance in a stream or with an undulating motion, as water, waves, or smoke.
4. to extend in undulations, as land.
5. to perform a periodical revolution in an orbit, as a heavenly body.
6. to continue with or have a deep, prolonged sound, as thunder, etc.
7. to turn over, or over and over, as a person or animal lying down.
8. Colloquial to luxuriate or abound (in wealth, etc.).
9. to turn round in different directions, as the eyes in their sockets.
10. to sway or rock from side to side, as a ship (opposed to pitch).
11. to sail with a rolling motion.
12. to walk with a rolling or swaying gait.
13. (of a rocket or guided missile) to rotate about its longitudinal axis in flight.
14. to be capable of being rolled up, as a material.
15. to spread out as under a roller.
16. to cast dice.
verb (t)
17. to cause to move along a surface by turning over and over, as a cask, a ball, or a hoop.
18. to move along on wheels or rollers; to convey in a wheeled vehicle.
19. to drive, impel, or cause to flow onwards with a sweeping motion.
20. to utter or give forth with a full, flowing, continuous sound.
21. to trill: to roll one's r's.
22. to cause to turn over, or over and over.
23. to cause to turn round in different directions, as the eyes.
24. to cause to sway or rock from side to side, as a ship.
25. to wrap round an axis, round upon itself, or into a roll, ball, or the like.
26. to make by forming a roll: to roll a cigarette.
27. to wrap, enfold, or envelop, as in some covering.
28. Also, roll out. to operate upon so as to spread out, level, compact, or the like, as with a roller, rolling pin, etc.
29. Also, roll down. to flatten (scrub) using a roller.
30. to beat (a drum) with rapid, continuous strokes.
31. to cast (dice).
32. Printing to apply ink to with a roller or series of rollers.
33. Colloquial to rob (a person), often with violence.
34. Colloquial to defeat; overcome.
35. Colloquial to upset the equanimity of (someone) with a cutting remark, witty come-back, etc.
36. anything rolled up in cylindrical form.
37. a piece of parchment, paper, or the like, as for writing, etc., which is or may be rolled up; a scroll.
38. a list, register, or catalogue.
39. a list containing the names of the persons belonging to any company, class, society, etc.
40. a number of papers or the like rolled up together.
41. a quantity of cloth, wallpaper, or the like, rolled up in cylindrical form (often forming a definite measure).
42. a cylindrical or rounded mass of something: rolls of fat.
43. some article of cylindrical or rounded form, as a moulding.
44. a cylindrical piece upon which something is rolled along to facilitate moving.
45. a cylinder upon which something is rolled up, as plastic food wrap, etc.
46. a roller with which something is spread out, levelled, crushed, compacted, or the like.
47. thin sponge spread with jam, cream, or the like and rolled up.
48. Also, bread roll. a small cake of bread, originally and still often rolled or doubled on itself before baking.
49. pastry spread with apple, jam, etc., and doubled on itself before baking.
50. food which is rolled up.
51. meat rolled up and cooked.
52. the act or an instance of rolling.
53. undulation of surface: the roll of a prairie.
54. sonorous or rhythmical flow of words.
55. a deep, prolonged sound, as of thunder, etc.: the deep roll of a breaking wave.
56. the trill of certain birds.
57. the continuous sound of a drum rapidly beaten.
58. a rolling motion, as of a ship.
59. a rolling or swaying gait.
60. Aeronautics a single complete rotation of an aeroplane around the axis of the fuselage with little loss of altitude or change of direction.
61. the rotation of a rocket or guided missile or the like about its longitudinal axis.
62. Athletics a style used by competitors in the high jump and pole vault where the body is rolled over the bar in a near horizontal position.
63. a single throw of dice.
64. Colloquial a wad of paper currency.
65. Colloquial (taboo) an act of sexual intercourse.
66. be on a roll, Colloquial to be experiencing a run of good fortune or success.
67. let's roll, Colloquial let's get going.
68. roll along, Colloquial to arrive: just roll along whenever you like.
69. roll in,
a. Colloquial to arrive.
b. to retire to bed.
70. roll on (or away), to move on or pass, as time.
71. roll out,
a. to spread out from being rolled up; unroll.
b. to initiate the supply of: to roll out a new model.
c. to introduce: the government rolled out a new tax package.
72. roll over,
a. Colloquial (of a politician) to resign gracefully.
b. Colloquial (of a witness in a court case who was previously hostile) to decide to provide evidence helpful to the interrogator.
c. Colloquial (of an offender) to confess to wrongdoing in a way that implicates others in order to gain more favourable treatment.
d. Finance to extend the term of (a loan, deposit, etc.) either in its existing form or in some other financial arrangement.
73. roll round, to move round as in a cycle, as seasons.
74. roll the ball in, Hockey to return the ball to play after it has crossed the sideline by rolling it back on to the pitch.
75. roll up,
a. to form into a roll, or curl up upon itself.
b. Colloquial to arrive.
c. Colloquial to gather round.
76. roll up one's sleeves, to prepare for hard work.
77. roll with, Colloquial to spend time with, as for congenial company.
78. roll with the punches, to adapt to meet ill fortune or difficulties.
{Middle English roll(en), from Old French roller, from Latin rotula, diminutive of rota wheel}
rollable, adjective

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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